Thursday, August 19, 2004

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Many digital friends and acquaintances, some of whom I have never met in the flesh, have written to ask what they can do in the wake of our recent storm. Thanks to all. Our needs at the moment are simple and nondigital: water, ice, bug spray, shelter, roofers, a better president, universal justice, world peace. If you can attach any of the above to an email (especially the last two), we'd be most appreciative. But if not, no biggie - we still are very grateful for the good wishes -




Blogger Jon Husband said...

I'd send an attachment with the recipe for universal peace, but unfortunately it's known worldwide that it's actually a virus, and your Norton app (even if it's an old one) will catch it and make it as if it were never sent.

And as for a better president, I have a document outlining a methodology to that end that I could send to you, but it'll get caught in your spam filter ... it originated in Nigeria, and may in fact be a forged document.

8/20/2004 1:14 AM  

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