Wednesday, August 18, 2004


On the radio the other day, apropos of "Hurricane Charley," some Clear Channel announcer was saying, "I can't imagine going five days without a shower."

Dear Clear Channel Bonehead: this is normal in much of the world. It was normal in Mexico, where I lived last year. It's now normal in Southwest Florida, where power, water, phones and internet are largely unavailable, and many are among the nation's newest homeless. People in the US really need to understand: much of the world is living on borrowed time. This has ethical, political, social, and humanitarian repercussions, which those living inside the frames of digital life, walls, water, electricity, and roofs cannot begin to appreciate.

When circumstances require that you piss around the place like a dog, you start to get it.

I just posted a few photos of my town, Port Charlotte, Florida on Flickr.


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