Monday, January 24, 2005

Dave, meet John L. Hess

Now if the Times could accept a Republican in 1973, it could certainly accept a blogger in 2005. Someone who operates a blog now, and has for some time, and (key point) continues to blog on his or her own terms while writing regularly for the Times. This would be a big door-opener between the cultures, and would accrue enormously to the benefit of the Times, and probably to the blogosphere (maybe not). But I would support it, assuming they chose a blogger with integrity, inteligence, an idealist who never moves inside the Beltway, whose feet stay firmly planted with the people.
Dave, the Times did have an employee who had his own blog, a blogger with integrity, intelligence, all them nine yards. His name was John L. Hess. The only thing: he started his blog long after leaving the Times. He also wrote a book: My Times: A Memoir of Dissent, which won praise for offering an unflinching look at the charms, mysteries and bureaucratic torpor of the institution. For a taste, here's a short piece he wrote after the Howell Raines exit, which was prompted by the Jason Blair fiasco. Here's a brief review of My Times.

As I mentioned, John Hess had a blog. It would have been interesting to hear what he had to say about Harvcredblogcon, but we won't read it any time soon. He died Friday, Jan. 21, just as the con was getting underway. He was 87. You can get all the news that's fit to print about his death here. Until the moneywall eats it.

Dave, your fond vision of a synthesis of institutional media and blogging seems, well, synthetic. I could be wrong, but I'll wager John L. Hess will sooner blog again than we hear a voice remotely like his speaking freely, openly, at will within the Times' leaden precincts.


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All great stuff and words to live by. Mr. Hess was a legend in his own time and the time after him with his inspriational, and many times controversial styles. He lived by his own beat and also died that very same way. Live on John!
hess card guy

9/02/2005 11:40 PM  

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