Thursday, January 20, 2005

everyone loves a pageant

Some anti-Bushites took vacations to get away from the inaugural hoopla while others flocked to Washington to give the president a symbolic snub. They planned to turn their backs on the president as his motorcade rolls down Pennsylvania Avenue. ABC.
Whatever else people think of Mr. Bush, they agree he has Big Ideas. Bold Ideas. In your face Ideas. Ideas without information or thought, perhaps, but Ideas. Where are the ideas among his less than enthusiastic subjects? Vacation as an expression of protest. Hmm. And if the Motorcade were to view tens of thousands of drawers dropping along the route: A sea of moons. If everyone lit up, singing "Hail to the Weed." Rhythmic epileptic seizures. Massive heart attacks. Waves of barf. Visuals. Fox would cover.

::Later:: Foxblocker via thisonesplace.


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