Thursday, January 06, 2005

reclamation of language unearthed by the recent tsunami

Based on the reports we are receiving, Nicobarese who are most modern have lost the most in Car Nicobar and Nancowry group of islands. Very few of them sensed the incoming Tsunami. But the Shompens and Sentinelese who took some direct hit, lost little because of their remote viewing capabilities. They moved to higher grounds before.

According to some of the tribal leaders, earth communicates to them. And this time they could see it coming in their remote viewing periscopes.
Neither this article from India Daily nor this chatter offers any further information on these periscopes. Proof that they do not exist can be found in the fact that none are for sale on eBay.

The thrust of the India Daily story conforms to our general western belief that "primitive" peoples are more in touch with the Magna Mater than less primitive peoples. Western periscopes don't predict template shifts, e.g., etc..

But what chance is there that our Office of Homeland Security might explore how earth communicates to the Shompens, Sentinelese, et al? What would be the tax upon our shared reality, knowledge, reason, certitude, tax base, to re-learn this language?

Entrepreneurially, an import biz to shop the periscopes on eBay might be the thing.


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