Wednesday, April 20, 2005

one of the reasons I love Jeneane

WHITE-MALE-POPULAR-BLOGGER SAYS: “I am/was/will-be attending/hosting/live-blogging ABC Important Event next week with Long-List-of-Other-White-Male-Popular-Bloggers who have MSM connections. We will be talking about Credibility/Technology/Our-Shared-Future without you. I am not feeling bad/small-dicked/guilty that I have not thought about including voices who may be different from mine/ours. That is not my responsibility. Everything is not my fault. I did not cause all of the problems in the world, so I should not have to help make things better. Really. Except through writing good software. So, I really look forward to seeing Dave/Jeff/Chris/David/Dan/Marc/Ev/Bo-Bice. Are we not rockin’ with importance?” -- From a comment in this thread.


Blogger Social Director of the Internet said...

Love right back atcha. I'm glad you liked. ;-)

4/22/2005 11:40 PM  

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