Thursday, June 29, 2006


There is a tremendous opportunity in blogs that are being overlooked or not taken seriously. For example, we have about 2000 customer sites that serve about 150,000 - 200,000 people. Naturally, Disaster Recovery has been stepped up since 9/11 and teams are working on it as much or more than for the Y2K effort.

A simple suggestion that I keep throwing out is to create a site (blog) where the servers are not located in California (earthquakes and floods). On a daily or weekly basis we could attract our customers to the "communication" site by listing current outages and ETAs, post tips, tricks, treats, and more. Get our customers used to going there and remembering the URL or some good search terms.

With this site/blog we all have a place to go to communicate with one another in the event of a disaster. ... The blog could be used to communicate among ourselves and our customers.

Everyone that I mention it to thinks it is a great idea (the "site" with servers located in another state) and they expand on it. Most don't know what a blog is so I try to sell the idea referring to it as a site that would cost very little to operate and everyone could use.... No heavy training.... Access to the blog to various geographical areas, etc.

Right now I think the idea doesn't actually get to Exec staff because they can't dabble in small successes that cost very little.
Michelle Goodrich


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