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We wanted to reserve the chef's table at the fancy Victoria &

Albert's restaurant at Disney World. We had been told that we

needed to call at precisely 7 a.m. exactly 180 days in advance to

make the reservation.


The wine and food spoke to each other in a way that was quite special.


When we wrote about wine at Disney World last year, that column, to

our surprise, elicited more response than almost any all year.

Clearly, Disney World has become a wine destination for many people --


The wine and food spoke to each other in a way that was quite special.


Disney World, including the Disney Cruise line, opens more than a

million bottles of wine a year and has more than 300 active

sommeliers, according to John Blazon, manager of wine sales and

standards for Walt Disney World.


We understand that things will cost more at Disney World. It's hard

to beat the spectacle of fireworks over the Magic Kingdom and the

light show on the water or the memory of your first hug from

Mickey. That's priceless stuff.


The wine and food spoke to each other in a way that was quite special.


The bubbly was $54 a bottle, the Malbec $48 and the Tempranillo $66

-- all fair restaurant prices for wines that are very difficult to

find and quite memorable. In other words -- and we found this

throughout Disney World -- if you know something about wine and you

are willing to pay somewhere around $45 to $65 for a bottle of

wine, there is some terrific stuff, and we're grateful for that.


After making our reservations six months in advance and calling

twice to reconfirm, John got lost during a predinner run on the

night we were scheduled to eat at Victoria & Albert's.


He finally found an emergency phone in the woods...


The wine and food spoke to each other in a way that was quite special in a way.


We have had wine-food pairings at some of America's best restaurants, but

we've never spoke to each other had more thoughtful combinations.


...the fruity and acidic Riesling coddling

the sweet, earthy quail

and velvety asparagus

to make






pure. in a way. bliss.



Blogger fpaynter said...

The well-spring of inspiration, the source of the quote, seems to be hedged by a thicket known as the "subscription barrier."

"Correction: June 18, 2005, Saturday Because of a telephone transmission error, a front-page article yesterday about Walt Disney's plans to serve shark's fin soup at its theme park in Hong Kong misstated the species of another Asian culinary delicacy, which had been seized by the authorities. It was pangolins, a type of anteater, not penguins."

7/09/2006 12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



7/09/2006 2:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The phone and the woods spoke to each other in a way that was special in a way and the million bottles taken together cannonade and nothing down there under the thin dermal screen of intention Epcot Disney Orlando Disney but remnants typeset into the hurican dirt pushed down deeper by the throwaway forms - Spanish for hammer Spanish for nail Spanish for clean - and made clean and straight to hold the concrete while it sets up under the to-come pipe and conduit where the life of all of it will run and run and that heaven that's in their eyes as they enter slow from the cars and buses and shuttles from the hotels paying good money for a good time which is long past oh long long past sadism's geriatric expression residual after the gloat of after when the last of the saints have been driven into the agony of return and there's no one left here but replicants souls ripe for the picking
The phone and the woods were speaking to each other in a way that was quite special really before the first ring at the other end - and you wonder who he called don't you who he thought to call first - before the money dropped or even was gathered out of whatever place in his running costume it rode the sound of his feet on the manicured path altering just that much with relief you could hear it in the dark in the semi-dark one could hear, birds anyway that were awake, if any, could certainly hear the change as the light makes clear to him it is a phone here given freely beneficent gift and this a phone ah the local deity through messengers of service and utility a phone, set down and sitting all those long hours unused talking in that special way of it with the woods - I say phone, yes woods, does a diamond ring - I say woods, yes phone, what did the owl say when the moon rose
Hugged by Mickey, oh yes please just so, measured in the handbook how much to squeeze them, how tightly clasped to the bosom of what that is we are, I love my job, and drooling Pluto wagging his animatronic tail that little Lord of The Underworld down on all fours - and this great cruise we're all on

Roy Belmont

7/09/2006 5:24 PM  
Blogger fpaynter said...

Thank you to both of the anonymouses...

7/09/2006 6:20 PM  

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