Saturday, February 17, 2007

Prez addresses supermarket bagger shortage

Every war or major military conflict produces a characteristic injury or wound that eventually becomes that conflict's "signature wound".

According to a report in The Scotsman, the war in Iraq will be no different in producing a "signature wound" only this time the wound is in the brains of those affected.

One Washington medical centre is reporting that a staggering 83% of wounded Marines and sailors were suffering from temporary or permanent brain damage.

The emergence of this latest "signature wound" comes just one month after President Bush announced in his 2006 budget that he would eliminate a $9 million program for the treatment of people with Traumatic Brain Injury.
Brain Injury Resource Foundation.
The above article was published in 2005, but its key information apparently remains to be divulged to the traumatically brain-injured government of the traumatically brain-injured president. Judging, anyway, from the Traumatic Brain Injury Facts on The Dept. of Health and Human Services's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Factsheet on Traumatic Brain Injury.

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