Saturday, February 17, 2007

Large camel magnet

New York-based jet-interior expert Ed├ęse Doret says he is designing the A380 for the customer. . ..Mr. Doret says his plan includes two dining areas, a 600-plus-square-foot master bedroom and a game room. His plans also call for a lounge with giant curtains that will mimic tents of the Arabian desert, and a fiber-optic mosaic that will depict a shifting desert scene.

Mr. Doret says he is including a whirlpool tub, believed to be the first in the air. To comply with Federal Aviation Administration regulations, the tub will have a rapid drainage system that can empty the standing water in seconds to a tank in the cargo hold. The plane is also slated to include a missile-defense system, he says.
From the WSJ - interesting that they're making their "news videos" portable.

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