Friday, February 23, 2007

Mapped News: Africa by Reuters

Africa by the country. Breaking news by the nation. Ok, "nation." Still, damn fine.

Someday some major USian news organ (or more likely someone else) will do something like this for
  • parts of the city (which could be pared down to city blocks or neighborhoods)
  • parts of the state
  • states of USia
  • segments of the local government, etc.,
Each part of which could be linked to blogs that concern themselves with that particular slice of the world, and, hooha,

each "breaking news" page could sit atop a wiki built by the community that concerns itself with that particular part of the larger whole.
(Wait! - the thought will be uttered in newsrooms across the nation - Wikis aren't news, they're all that contextual stuff readers need to make sense of the news! So they won't sell ads! Fuck that!)
Some day, when news organizations forget that they are real estate and marketing agencies, and stumble into thinking about what might serve the interests of conveying, of all things, interrelated news.

- via David Weinberger, who notes that each country's news page features related blogs via Global Voices.

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