Saturday, February 24, 2007


I hereby declare this to be the first online use of a phrase which, not appearing via Google until now, is therefore now for a limited time only, a hapax legomenon:

"coincident negation"

(Crowd of Readers) "Super nice!" ... "Dude!" ... "Radiant!"

In relinquishing all rights and royalties that might inure to said utterance, but reserving the privilege of bearing the title of "Progenitor of 'Coincident Negation'" -- having, yea, in fact marked the occasion with a blog that testifies to the inaugural truth of this parturition -- which by its existence, it now occurs to us to admit, uncreates the very hapax legomenal status which was the incipient authorial impetus for bothering to hallow its singular use in this testimonial and toastmasterly vein to begin with -- I cede it hereby, hereafter, hereunto the hereafterworld, with this envoy:

"Go little phrase, make your way in the world - no matter who seeks to lay claim to your lovely form, you shall know that herein lies your instauration (langue), your instantiation in the speech (parole) of living men, unto which thereby will forever hang your justification. ~ Ta!" ~

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