Wednesday, March 07, 2007

every drem to goode!

The Long Tail will always be there wagging the Big Dogs, rich strata of abandoned and automated weblogs, linkfarms and pr0n, and lonely people bellowing out across the virtual rooftops to their audiences of search bots, googlenauts and bemused relatives. The human experience, made hyperlinked. Google will index it all, and get rich on the carrion-clicks that it sells to the office cubicle fools who Aren't Us! It's a Brand® New Day!' the WC, via the Happy Tutor.
It's partly flickr -- blogs send you there on purpose to look at rooms filled with bloggers sitting at little tables with laptops -- it -- the dream that the images are about -- is entirely elsewhere, the image yields little, and you wonder if this sort of representation of conferring white people given to male pattern baldness, which has become the norm, if the ubiquity of this type of representation might be handled more succinctly.

What I really love in the chicken's yawp is how it knows in advance that its audience consists largely of machine code, whirring in the interstices of an infinite microdimension, logging itself into nonexistence under the sign of nanomarkets. This sense of things might have some precedent:

"Now hennesforth y wol the teche
How every speche, or noyse, or soun,
Thurgh hys multiplicacioun,
Thogh hyt were piped of a mous,
Mot nede come to Fames Hous.
Ne never rest is in that place
That hit nys fild ful of tydynges,
Other loude, or of whisprynges;
And over alle the houses angles
Ys ful of rounynges and of jangles
Of werres, of pes, of mariages,
Of reste, of labour, of viages,
Of abood, of deeth, of lyf,
Of love, of hate, acord, of stryf,
Of loos, of lore, and of wynnynges,
Of hele, of seknesse, of bildynges,
Of faire wyndes, and of tempestes,
Of qwalm of folk, and eke of bestes;
Of dyvers transmutacions
Of estats, and eke of regions;
Of trust, of drede, of jelousye,
Of wit, of wynnynge, of folye;
Of plente, and of gret famyne,
Of chepe, of derthe, and of ruyne;
Of good or mys governement,
Of fyr, and of dyvers accident.


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