Thursday, May 03, 2007

Perpend, Philanthropod

Adrastus 1 the suppliant

What was now happening under the rule of Creon 2 was too much for Adrastus 1, who, having lost all his military power, could not avenge the outrage. Therefore he came to Athens accompanied by Argive suppliants and, after taking refuge at the altar of Mercy where he laid the suppliant's bough (or as others say, at the altar of Demeter in Eleusis), Adrastus 1 begged King Theseus to intercede, so that the dead Argives could be given burial.

Meaningless lecture

But Theseus, who was at the height of his own glory, answered like prosperous men usually do, that is lecturing on morals, ethics, and politics. For those who enjoy prosperity are persuaded that their happy condition derives from their own wisdom alone.

Thanks to Jon Husband for the link to the lecture.


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