Monday, April 14, 2008

The Times does the Fox News version of Deconstruction


I've smelled worse Fish. But

deconstruction cannot possibly be made either the generator of a politics you like or the cause of a politics you abhor. It just can’t be done without betraying it.

You'd not know if from the gnashing, scoffing, foaming Times readers.

Once Fish tells them we can safely say deconstruction is useless as a political tool, and that uselessness was the irremediable vacancy into which academics of various stripes rode their hobby horses, untold numbers are compelled to trot on in, choking on bile beans.

Truth and utility have been sort of at odds since Thales, no?

If the 600+ comments to the New York Times are any indication, there's a goodly amount of impotent betrayal going on.

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