Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Confederated federation of shadow confederations

Aleatory combinatorial discourse shows up in searches, and is probably clogging all sorts of large scale search processes. Google likes it (not).

Here's a beaut:

May 26, 2008

SharePoint 2007 Tools Rodeo v1

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More at Gxcmelodyhedda’s Weblog. Its blogroll includes unimagined blisses, like this from Blog about Toby :

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But these efforts go beyond particular blogs to include entire blog systems, e.g. 4newsonly.net. It's an abundant brand. Cicero Review is one of many funwithblogs blogs. There's a teasing scintilla of auto-reflection along the way. Wdzhopeatira's Weblog asks suggestively:
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So who or what is at work?

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even if hosting services and search engines hired armies of people, the blogosphere is simply too big to sift through blogs one by one. Computers are faster but notoriously unable to distinguish sense from nonsense – they can't tell Some Title from Shakespeare.
If nothing else, incentive to improve unstructured search.

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