Monday, May 26, 2008

Data dada

Hey now, another dadaist blog (if that's what this is) entitled Amy:

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But it's not at all the same thing as Emilyshlomoeme. On Amy, the disruption of the standardized "conversation" appears driven not by some authorial intervention, but by some spasmodic tagging mechanism that apparently thinks it fine to just punch holes in anything resembling prose, and add links to seemingly unrelated business propositions:

Caesar Salad Southwest Style

Jalapeno Croutons

2 Tbs Jalapenos, seeded car insurance insurance quote diced. If fresh jalapenos are not available you can use canned Macaroni & Cheese for a milder taste try substituting canned green chilies.

tsp Cayenne Pepper
1 tsp Salt
2 Cups Milk
1 Cups Cornmeal
Vegetable Oil for cooking

In a medium sauce cheap, reliable website hosting combine the jalapenos, cayenne, salt and milk and bring to a boil. [link ]


Come On In - The Water Is Fine

The Bible uses water as a symbol of the Holy Spirit mesothilioma the Word of God. We know that without water there can be no living matter as we know it on the earth. Water is essential. Go without water for a day or so and you will see just how important water is to the human body. The same thing is ture concerning spiritual things.

Without spiritual water all things remain in a mortgages loans state. [link]
"Unrelated" is hardly the word. The linkage, burrowing up from below (or, blasting through, like a shotgun perforating a television screen from behind), connects to the drive to sell. (Can we simply recognize, with Zizookian aplomb, that Freud's death drive is not unrelated to Capitalism's sell drive?) The irrelevant has never seemed so germane.

What's arbitrary is the "content." Amy delaminates the myth that blogs are composed by individuals sharing their passions. Under a certain lens, the New York Times might not look entirely dissimilar.

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