Friday, October 31, 2008

Poltergeists from the anus of Mr. Paulson, all rise

The banks using cash from the $700 billion U.S. rescue plan for bonuses, acquisitions and other purposes unrelated to lending are clearly not thinking like the working man. Still, their corporate scams are likely run by so-called "conservatives" who, thrilling to the new-nazoid urgings of Arnold, will consider it their Joesixpack-like duty to vote, if they do at all, for McCain/Palin.

If one proved to these sincere politicians that they are attracting the scum of the earth to their ticket, would they have the decency to see the error of their ways?

It's enough to snuff a good man out.

Here's hope he'll haunt them from above while the wraiths of Hank seek them from below.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have a box of losing lottery tickets, I would like to be bailed out of. Should I send it to Paulson, or to McCain?

11/01/2008 11:40 AM  
Blogger Tom Matrullo said...

Neither. I hear FEMA's making a market in after-market losing lotto tix. They're marketing them to consumers in swank nursing homes who fell for the SPINLIFE variant of the STOLI scams. Some of these FEMA folks are doing a heckuva job.

11/01/2008 11:36 PM  
Blogger jonhusband said...

ST was an excellent human being, wasn't he ? Such a delight ... and what a fine picture.

11/02/2008 1:35 AM  
Blogger Tom Matrullo said...

More good pics here Jon:

11/02/2008 7:58 AM  
Blogger Tom Matrullo said...

More good pics here Jon:

11/02/2008 7:59 AM  

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