Sunday, September 06, 2009

via Humorzo:

The phrase “golden age of capitalism” might itself be challenged. The period can more accurately be called “state capitalism.”


It is also important to remind ourselves that the notion of workers’ control is as American as apple pie. In the early days of the industrial revolution in New England, working people took it for granted that “those who work in the mills should own them.” They also regarded wage labor as different from slavery only in that it was temporary; Abraham Lincoln held the same view.


There have been immense efforts to drive these thoughts out of people’s heads—to win what the business world called “the everlasting battle for the minds of men.” On the surface, corporate interests may appear to have succeeded, but one need not dig too deeply to find latent resistance that can be revived. There have been some important efforts.


It is a propitious time to revive such efforts - Crisis and Hope.

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