Wednesday, June 16, 2004

stately, unplump*

What I'm learning from Dave Winer:

"Personal" includes relationships of memory, sensibility, risk, heart, mind, humor.

Contracts do not inhere in scripts, scriptings or scripture, but in live performances whose success depends upon the persons who live and breathe their performance.

Jeneane, AKMA, Tutor, Joe, Halley, David, Doc, Craig, Ray, Marc, Dorothea, Suw, Dean, RB, Michael, Frank, Mr. Semulent, Jon, Alwin and all you other persons to whom the absence of commonplaces brought precious evidence of your presence - thanks.

Bloomin' good day to yall.

(*Lost nearly 30 lbs in Mexico...mebbe get raptured quikkker thet way...)


Blogger Suw said...

See you've done a bit of decorating in your new home. Nice! Always take a while to get your house in order, particularly after such an abrupt relocation.

I guess, if you really liked the black background you could deal with the contrast problem by using black type too, so that readers would have to select the text in order to read it. If nothing else, it would look very stylish. ;-)

6/16/2004 3:37 PM  
Blogger Tom Matrullo said...

A splendid suggestion Suw - how about a blog consisting of the alphabet, or all the alphabets, dancing in the dark?

6/17/2004 5:59 AM  
Blogger Dorothea said...

Hey to you too. Was reading you Over There all along; still reading.

6/17/2004 12:14 PM  

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