Monday, August 02, 2004

Reporting for Doody

Today's Orange Alert provokes three hasty thoughts as we media-whipped weathervanes mix our metaphors and roachscuttle for safety.

1. Any assertion by the State of impending Enemy Attack has the effect of framejacking: Suddenly Kerry and Edwards, campaigning out there in the hinterlands, are reduced to Click and Clack in slow-motion sepia, doomed warriors charging into silent butchery before the fade.

2. Large-scale State Alarmism tries one's patience, then reaction sets in. In short order, outdoor cafe types are wishing Tom Ridge would enrich his palette. If they offer an alternative to fear and horsefeathers, Kerry and Edwards can gain huge aesthetic points.



Blogger Deleted said...

The issuers of terror alerts must be aware of the effect warnings have on those who are in peril, even if their job skills have less to do with national security than with job security.

New Yorkers and Washingtonians have already experienced attacks and are likely to give perception managers more bang for their buck, reactionwise. That can be a good thing if forceful reminders are necessary to keep the people in those centers of power on their toes.

8/02/2004 8:34 PM  

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