Sunday, September 26, 2004


Hurricane 4, known as Jeanne (but names do what?), came near, but then swerved northward, pestering Floridians elsewhere. I will sum, for the record, our particular hurricane experiences:
Hurricane 1 ("Charley") - Direct uppercut, down for the count.

2 ("Frances") - Glancing sideways blow, slept through most of it.

3 ("Ivan") - Went to the beach, not even good waves.

4 ("Jeanne") - Blustery, strong but bantam gusts. Not good sleeping. Power's on and we're fine.
I've posted some pics taken this morning on Flickr.


Blogger kalisekj said...

Cool Blog, I never really thought about it that way.

I have a Hurricane Katrina blog. It pretty much covers hurricane related stuff.

Thank you - and keep up the thoughts!

10/03/2005 8:50 PM  
Anonymous Jim Online said...

This what hurricane Katrina has brought to us. According to the forces of nature, a lot are still to come. Katrina has made people forget about 9/11. At least now, many belive that the wrath of the terrorists is no match to the wrath of God.

11/10/2005 7:35 PM  

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