Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Flickr as first person photo site

Flickr is evolving nicely, always working on making the whole process of uploading, accessing, organizing one's photos, and accessing other people's photos, ingeniously simpler and more community friendly. Interesting people, images, places, the feeling of going somewhere. It could be even more piquant. Here's a suggestion I just posted in the ideas forum:
This occured to me recently as I thought about the current ability of many with digital cams and photo-capable phones etc. to capture events in the making. First person shots of news as it happens - huge fires, police actions, war, strikes, etc. So many have the capability, but where can they place them that others would know to find them?

Flickr would seem an ideal network to get the word out about a news-in-progress space on the net. The space could be nuanced to capture local, regional, national and international events, but the point is, it would be a space that the next time there was breaking news, one would float over here to see if anyone on the scene had posted images. Would this not be of broad and timely interest?


Blogger Jon said...

Yes, it would. I'm having lunch with Stewart day after tomorrow. I'll see if I can bring this up, and reinforce the idea discreetly. Kind of like their Organizr, but compartmentalized into various purposeful, people-and-societal issues centered fora ?

It would / could have a lot of positive, and widespread impact.

11/23/2004 9:48 PM  
Blogger Tom Matrullo said...

Jon, it could certainly be compartmentalized, but what I'm thinking is more or less a news-sensitive area in which what is hot, now, appears as witnessed by people with recording equipment on the spot.

So an initial "hot" space, which is actually time, then, over an interval established by the pace of the news itself, those photos occupying the hot moment would and could resolve into tagged areas for archiving and retrieval.

There's a small conversation on the Flickr forum here:

11/24/2004 9:50 AM  
Blogger ray sweatman said...

cool idea, Tom!

11/28/2004 11:33 AM  

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