Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Ralph to NH: Live free or Diebold

Whatever else Ralph Nader is, he is an advocate for auditing suspiciously louche behaviors, of which we USians can boast multitudes. Nader has requested a recount of New Hampshire votes, and has until Friday to hand over a $2,000 filing fee. It would be redundant to continue, as Sheila Lennon has it all on Projo, including links to additional trend analyses, which include the line:
CONCLUSION: These numbers are NOT within a reasonable margin of error, and further investigation is required.
and an update on a request from Congressmen that the GAO investigate the election.

As Sheila notes, Nader is calling on Kerry/Edwards to put their voices where their words were a while back.

See also: Democracy Now revisits statistical anomalies on today's show (transcript). Then there's this round up. And Dave Pollard. And movements afoot (via Frank Paynter), with more links.


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