Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Anti-disneyfuckation box

When Oscar organizers picked Rock as host it was because of his provocative brand of humor. Industry observers have said his selection made sense in light of efforts by the ABC network to draw more interest in the show, especially from younger viewers.

ABC, a unit of the Walt Disney Co., will broadcast the 77th Academy Awards on Feb. 27, with a time delay of several seconds.
The point of hiring the guy and surgically removing his weenie in real time? That is the point?

He began by showing them a sequence of provocative cartoon drawings.

When the pictures were shown, the machines registered the subject's brainwaves as they reacted strongly to the images before them. This was to be expected.

Far less easy to explain was the fact that in many cases, these dramatic patterns began to register a few seconds before each of the pictures were even flashed up.

It was as though Dr Hartwell's case studies were somehow seeing into the future, and detecting when the next shocking image would be shown next.
But can he get it into distribution channels before Feb. 27th?
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