Monday, October 31, 2005

A president can only punch himself in the snout so often

Alito options: this and this.

1: hotly interested people offering data (e.g. a, a1, b, c, d), telling you what they think, even if what they believe is a mental codpiece of entire bunkum, or

2: a soylent broth of "neutral" nonsense heralded by a headline like:

Nomination Likely to Please G.O.P., but Not Some Democrats
Anyway, the most telling bit of data I've heard so far was the edge in Nina Totenberg's voice as she spoke about Alito on NPR.

If Bush thought Conservative Backlash was something, he's about to discover how Katrina-esque elements of his non-constituency are -- when suitably motivated.
[Watch this pool: On what date will GWB have to withdraw the nomination of US Supreme Court candidate Samuel Alito? - November 17]


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