Wednesday, March 01, 2006

a moving aspiration for motion pictures

"V for Vendetta may be--why hedge? is--the most subversive cinematic deed of the Bush-Blair era" - Wolcott.
Let's see how such a film, if it is such, is re...
-ceived, -viewed, -viled, -cycled by the MediaApparat.

If it doesn't actually rise to the level of Wolcott's estimate, it's still an interesting estimate:
when it was over I knew it was the movie our post 9-11 minds craved and unconsciously had been working towards, a movie that conjured the fear of terrorism and repression and didn’t just tell us how we got into the Orwellian predicament we’re in (terrain already attacked by Fahrenheit 9-11, Syriana, Why We Fight), but made the imaginative leap that would lift us out of the news, out of the political present, and stand up to that fear—face it with fury and compassion.
The question is how one might be "lifted out" not to movieland escape, but to something more present.


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