Friday, September 08, 2006

MetaAuratic cat's paw

The paradigm-shifting blogosphere has suffered its first, or at least biggest, defeat. After driving opinion, influencing public policy, and, quite possibly, altering the outcome of elections, bloggers could not transform Snakes on a Plane into a hit. dude1.

SNAKES ON A PLANE. To prove his point, Lance makes an amazing and insane leap of faith and equates a perceived weakness of all blogs in general with the failure of the miserable junk film Snakes on a Plane. dude2.
Triadic dude: Both previous dudes miss the point. It wasn't ever about the movie. See Walter Benjamin. Something is learning to toy with aura. (It isn't the movie industry.)

Pre-abduct, bat around, leave for dead. This exercise can be applied to lots of things. State of the Union addresses, e.g.


Blogger Jon Husband said...

Colbert's roast ?

9/08/2006 11:25 AM  
Blogger Kombinat! said...

How interesting you bring Walter Benjamin. Just last week I was reading a review of "Passagen", and how the technology of covering streets with glass gave rise to a new culture of a 'strolle' aka Flaneur. - Today a Flaneur is a new animal, Las Vegas styles where everything is built for strolling. - It is interesting to me because Kombinat! Manifesto is really about designing life to monetize on the vanity of a flaneur. Such a creature whose purpose is to vomit language and move on to another "Passage" to vomit more language and slurp the vomit of others. It is distastful on purpose to describe such a person because I've met many of them and each time the encounter leaves me somehow with a feeling as I have been covered with vomit.

I have no idea why I am writing about this. Maybe because I don't like when people live a life that begins and end on their lips alone.

In my observations Blogosphere (as it is called) is this type of a series of Passages where not much is happening, plenty of strollers exchanging views, opinions etc... somewhere in less developped passages one does find Play, Fun, Carnival but so often it ends up being a Flanerie.

I am not sure how to distinguish this yet so the above are some rought sketches of thought.

9/12/2006 4:43 AM  
Anonymous tom said...

jon: less in the act than in the long tail?

k!: yes, the blogger - not one, but en masse - as the current flaneur, that's one thing that makes WB relevant here. The mobile mode of attentiveness, as opposed to the fixed target of broadcast. I don't know whether it makes any difference whether the crystal palazzi of the arcades are on or offline - what do you think?

9/12/2006 11:25 AM  

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