Monday, July 30, 2007

Tax dollars at work

Minor update on our Cluster Bomb ClusterFuck Thread:
At the Convention on Conventional Weapons in Geneva last month, Bush administration officials said that the threat to civilians from cluster munitions is “episodic” and “manageable within current response mechanisms” - presumably unless you’re a [not a joyous link] child attracted by the bomblets. They said it “only” took two years to clear the high-risk affected areas in Kosovo after 1999, but also admitted that eight years later, unexploded bomblets remain. They cited 10 countries threatened by cluster bombs - Afghanistan, Albania, Cambodia, Iraq, Laos, Lebanon, Montenegro, Serbia, and Vietnam - as well as Kosovo, leaving out another 20 countries so affected.

Separately, the US State Department has said that Israel may have illegally used US-made cluster bombs in Lebanon, but welcomes that it will take “only” a year and a half to largely clean up the remnant. CSMonitor

No One Ever Wins.

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Blogger Daniel said...

You(or the mindless idiots at CS Monitor) forgot to mention Israel as one of the threatened countries. Syria and Iran have been supplying their bulldog - Hezbollah - with these precious contrivements of modern technology - most of which were hurled at civilian populations, without even an attempt at justification.

This, of course, is understandable since all Jews and Israelis are spawned by Satan?

Try showing some perspective, and even both sides of a story at some point in your ridiculously limited life. You might even grow from the experience.

9/17/2007 1:45 PM  
Anonymous tom said...

Since you choose not to reveal yourself, I can't judge the basis for your analysis of my life. If you wish to toss your little bomblets, replete with moral indignation, into my blog, you might consider at least offering a proper name to go with them.

9/17/2007 1:59 PM  

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