Saturday, August 11, 2007

Newshole: Insert for August 11, 2007

Divers took another body from the wreckage of a freeway bridge, shrinking to five the number of people known missing and presumed dead in the collapse. Meanwhile, U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters on Friday pledged $50 million to help Minnesota with its recovery and rebuilding.

Three men fell from a construction bucket Friday and plunged no word from the miners since the Crandall Canyon mine collapsed early Monday. A microphone lowered into a smaller hole yielded no sounds of life and an air sample taken through the 2-inch hole detected little oxygen.

The nation's biggest lenders may face a cash shortage because investors who buy their loans aren't bidding and bankers have cut off credit lines. The fallout has toppled at least 70 mortgage companies and half a dozen hedge funds that bought their loans, and stalled buyouts including MGIC's takeover of Radian Group Inc. Regulators in the U.S., Europe and Japan have responded by pumping money into the banking system.

"Any company that has products related to home sales is in trouble," said Ja...

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Blogger Mike Golby said...

Tom, you're a bent and devious boy. There I was, reading this weird Matrullo post, scrolling down to...

I haven't laughed so much in a long time. Would you look at that guy's face? Well, both of them for that matter.

So we've descended to this, have we? God, I guess so...

8/16/2007 4:03 PM  
Anonymous tom said...

mike, it's either rapture or laughter - nothing else seems promising. Glad you're laughing.

8/16/2007 5:46 PM  

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