Sunday, February 10, 2008

Great for the unwashed

very young infants are sensitive to small changes in number, and the brain organization that underlies the perception of object number and identity are established early during development.
The nice thing here is that this bit of news can now be accessed by the great unwashed, which number includes yours truly. I really must get around to washing one of these days.

The great news about this news is that this and much more of lively interest to the not incurious (incuriosity being the USian norm, almost the mandate, nay, the very bottom line of citizenly obligation in this great Nation under Bush) is available for free at Science Daily.

So for example a story that offers this about quantum drums:

Just as in the normal world, two nanostructures with different shapes can resonate in the same way, a phenomenon known as isospectrality.
was published in Science Daily on Feb. 9, citing a Feb. 8 story in Science.

For years, Science has sent teasers that pointed to inaccessible-without-paid-subscription stories.

Goodbye Science.

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