Thursday, April 17, 2008

The NYT understands Politics as JSTOR comprehends Open Access, Merrill Lynch grasps Credit, Countrywide has mastered mortgages, Comcast delights in...

At least three USians thought last night's debate offered no signs of infantilism or trivialization: Adam Nagourney, Jeff Zeleny, and


David Brooks.

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Blogger zo said...

I could swear David Brooks went to the Unitarian Church of Princeton in 1964 ... but no. Too long ago. Those East Coast wish-wash Liberals blend, now, in memory ... as if in a lingering haze of what we used to inhale ... a faceless blend of what I call the Comfies. Yeah, that's it. David Brooks has a terminal case of the Comfies. To the barricades!

And you gotta admit, the man is faceless.

4/30/2008 8:05 PM  
Blogger Tom Matrullo said...

The comfies keep the advertisers coming - "everything will be fine, no matter how much we pretend we're tearing up the peapatch."

4/30/2008 11:33 PM  

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