Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dead Tree Advocates Report from World circa 1994

Schmidt (Google) talks up micropayments:

Today there are very effective subscription based models, but there are not very good micropayment systems, micropayment meaning one cent, three cent kinds of systems. They clearly need to be developed by the industry.

Bravo. But scaling, at some point, we'll need to talk about $.001 to $.003.

And, ho, gnuuspapers (he's at the NAA) want Google to tweak to factor in their credibility. LULZ.

His crit of papers:

How do you avoid being just mediated with a set of stories that are aggregated with your brand on them, which is what's happened to some newspapers?

The elephantine answer in the room: Do some frigging actual, relevant, local asskicking news. E. fucking G.

Loved this exchange:

Question: Do you think intellectual property rights will continue to erode given the digital future as you see it?

I disagree with your premise that they will continue to erode. What I do believe is that all these partially-thought-through legal systems are being challenged by the ubiquity of the Internet.


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Blogger Juke said...

All "rights" will erode as the hive mind dissolves all boundaries of the "individual". All "privacy" will disappear into the Great Borg Open. All petulant adolescent resistance will degrade toward the granular and disappear into the inferior dimensions from which no return access will be possible as all entry portals will be guarded by angels with flaming swords.
Pigs will fly.
Are flying.
Hovering drone-like over all our lives, such as they were.
All that's required to unlock the individual assertion of privacy and property is statute criminality, thus establishing resistance to the Great Borg Open as criminal refusal will dispense that slight obstacle for keeps.
Profiles of resistant organisms being written into statute ensure that "private" property will hereinafter refer solely to consumables and personal commodities. All effort is commonly held, all production, all labor, all in all belongs to...
there it is.
The sentient cloud.

4/11/2009 3:55 PM  
Blogger Tom Matrullo said...

In the face of self-evident FAIL, the corporate form seems curiously slow to catch on.

Meanwhile, people route around:


4/12/2009 8:22 PM  

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