Friday, August 07, 2009

Briefly noted

IMproPRieTies may not be at the top of the blogospheric world, ma, but note of it does get taken.

Bill Thayer found my note about his Antiquary's Shoebox, and expanded upon his project in his comment here. He says, in part,

Not all the items, especially in the latter, are from JSTOR, either. At any rate, a lot of these old journal articles are every bit as good now as when they wuz written, and can still keep us from reinventing the wheel, or even parroting nonsense long since proved such
Antiquary's Shoebox

And this, from the blog with the great name, Blog Populi Blog Dei:

Y el blog llamado Improprieties en donde se mezcla el arte, los medios sociales, observaciones y preguntas. Para ejemplo el post “Miracle of Qana” (en relación a la boda de Caná). O este otro ” Haque and Doc on news, evolution, and bucks” en donde explora los diarios y su problema de sobrevivencia en la era de Internet.
Don't miss this image from that site, based in Monterrey, Mexico.

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Anonymous wp1957 said...

Hi there Neighbor!

Thanks for the mention and the compliment to the name. It is witty, I know. :)

I really liked your blog. It is well written and the topics covered are full of ideas to ponder while trapped in traffic jams. Yes, it is a compliment. There is nothing worse than a bored brain in a traffic jam. :)

Will visit regularly.

Hug from south of the border,

8/09/2009 12:12 AM  

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