Thursday, October 29, 2009

USia: Mammon awaits

Via Mr. Herrell:

Opening the non-open access medical journals: Internet-based sharing of journal articles on a medical web site #

Candyass Conclusion:
Although the site covers a range of subjects, the focus is on the medical field. It has found that a large number of such articles, from a very wide range of journals, are shared. Major scientific and medical journal articles are frequently shared. There are ethical and financial issues at stake. While the solution to the problem is unclear, it is certain that the problem requires further research, and further discussion in an open access area.

To Which, Milton:

Truth and understanding are not such wares as to be monopoliz'd and traded in by tickets and statutes, and standards. We must not think to make a staple commodity of all the knowledge in the Land, to mark and licence it like our broad cloath, and our wooll packs.

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