Saturday, January 30, 2010

Brooks Taibbized twice in two weeks

What did poor mild-mannered Mr. Brooks do to deserve this? (h/t to wirearchized JH)

 If I’m writing about a bank that took a half-billion worth of mortgages where the average amount of equity in the home was less than 1%, and where 58% of the mortgages had no documentation, and then sold those mortgage-backed securities as investment-grade opportunities to pensions and other suckers — and then bet against the same kind of stuff they were enthusiastically selling to other people — is Brooks seriously suggesting that I also have to point out that the Chinese economy was doing well at the time? ...

Using that logic, criticizing anyone for anything is invalid:
ME: Well, Ike Turner was sort of a dick because he used to get high and punch his wife in the face all the time…
BROOKS: But it’s so easy to say that.
ME: It’s easy to say that a guy who punches his wife in the face is a jerk?(Scratching head) Well… I guess you’re right about that. Would you like me to say it while juggling three chainsaws? Would it be harder to say then, and would you have less of a problem with it?

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