Monday, June 28, 2010

NYT's lobotomy needs a lobotomy

Turns out it was and Politico, both well-financed, reputable news media organizations, that blithely stepped over the line and took what was not theirs. (**(&*(
The Intellectual Property thing has apparently gotten even dumber in the world of print journaljism. The above is from David Carr, in the New York Times, accusing news organizations of "stealing" the news.

The simple fact is, the Rolling Stone story was no longer a story about a general. The effects it triggered themselves became front page news - understanding Obama's actions with regard to General MethChrystal required awareness of the story that caused them. The story at that point was itself news.

Only the New York Times would fail to see this. Fail to see that news is inherently public property. Rolling Stone blew it by failing to be first to post its own story (then posted a really lame mark-up), but the Times blows tout court when it confuses actual news events with proprietary reportage about them, because it fails to see that these linguistic entities can indeed bleed "across the line."

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