Sunday, August 08, 2004

AKMA and Margaret's placemat

Is there a way to advocate a plain-sense interpretive theory without inscribing the discourse in an ideologically-determined control game? AKMA and Margaret at dinner
I'd missed this revised essay of AKMA's in June, when I was driving through Mexico. Am in the midst of traveling again, but will be printing it out as soon as I get home. (I print out long things, even some blog entries. I remember Jeneane being surprised when I mentioned this to her. That blogs could have anything to do with print seemed odd to her, so thoroughly, imaginatively, is she a blogger.)


Blogger Social Director of the Internet said...

Hey there--I am hoping you all are busy getting out of the way of the hurricane. We're up the road if you end up taking off.

8/12/2004 11:34 PM  

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