Thursday, August 27, 2009

Opener access

Wed. Aug. 26th: ... starting today, Google Books will offer free downloads of these and more than one million more public domain books in an additional format, EPUB. Inside Google Books.

Of course, it can be difficult and costly to reproduce and transport the information that older physical books contain. Some can't afford these works. Others who might be able to afford to purchase them can't unless they can find a physical copy available for sale or loan. Some important books are so limited in quantity that one must fly around the world to find a copy. Access to other works is only available to those who attend certain universities or belong to certain organizations. Link.
Once we convert atoms from physical books into digital bits, we can begin to change some of that. (cough).
{{{Ok, I've tried opening a couple of epub files with different programs, including notepad - nuthin' but code. Suggestions, kind readers?}}}

O'Reilly also tweeted these efforts to make more US Government data accessible and fluid:

DataMasher Mash up state data

This We Know US Gov't data about communities.

govpulse the federal register, beautifully organized.

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