Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Some links before I forget

1. On Blogalization there's a translation of a piece in Arabic that the translator says, "reads something like an Islamic Cluetrain Manifesto." I posted about it here over at the, thanks to Jeneane, reenergized Gonzo Engaged. The original Arabic text, entitled The Islamic Internet, and its translation-in-progress is here. Good read.

2. On JOHO, David Weinberger revisits the question of authentic speech with lots of insightful comments.

3. On Allied, Jeneane responds to the resonance of voice in a maelstrom:

If I can say nothing else, I can say that Dave Winer was himself in this. In his written voice and audio posts, Through all of it. Through the twisted explanations of what happened and why, through the threats and accusations that came after, to the call for the posse. And there's something about that, God forgive me, that resonated with me beyond what was being said. Even about me. There was something that felt just a tiny bit right.

4. At Wealth Bondage, the Tutor ponders how a site devoted to the Gift Economy could rely on anything other than commercial solutions for hosting and code. See also the comments by TV, Gerry Gleason, someone called Harry, and the Tutor to this post.

5. Also at Wealth Bondage, or actually hovering between it and Vitia and this site devoted to stopping corporate harm, and here and here, supplemented by Zuboff ("The Support Economy") and Althusser, Gramsci and many more, lies an insight into the lifeblood of corporations.

At the center of the web of thought one might put this, from Seeing the Forest:
the balance of power between corporations and the average human citizen is way out of whack.

But this is just a bald topical rubric. The thing is, the guts of the insight, a sort of cognitive ledge, is not stated in some final, highly polished way in any one locus, but extends like some holographic virtual mind, or fictim, among these sources, persons and texts. Does anyone "own" this understanding? Can it be copyrighted or licensed? Heh...


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