Sunday, July 11, 2004

Upsetting dominion at the Giving Conference

At the Giving Conference this weekend:

1. Discussion of Cornuelle's De-Nationalizing Community.

(Cornuelle's essay is a compact and potent analysis that might usefully be supplemented with a stronger feel for the withering power of corporate rapacity (thanks, wood s lot, for the Valenzuela)).

2. Gift and the property of movement:
a gift, when it moves across the boundary, either stops being a gift or abolishes the boundary. A commodity can cross the line without any change in its nature; moreover, its exchange will often establish a boundary where none previously existed

(Consider the energy release when a gift transgresses the boundaries of private proprietorship. Think Napster).

3. gift
Function: noun

1 : an intentional and gratuitous transfer of real or personal property by a donor with legal capacity who actually or constructively delivers the property to the donee with the intent of giving up dominion over the property and investing it in the donee who accepts it; broadly : a voluntary transfer of property without compensation


Blogger Juke said...

"The mark of a good war, W.S. Merwin once wrote, is that the dead think the living are worth it."
There's one kind of gift.
Talent, especially when it's superlative, is often called a "gift", too.
And language, which we're trained to see as an aggregate of necessities, sparkles with freely-given stars of gratuitous clarity. Like songs, given to the moment.

7/13/2004 10:42 PM  
Blogger Tom Matrullo said...

Language as gift, or as bearer of gifts? Bears thinking on - thanks -

7/15/2004 1:12 AM  

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