Tuesday, October 12, 2004

three polarities for a reflex-challenged electorate

In a fascinating, too brief interview this morning on NPR, Bob Dylan ruminated about why he went off his feed as a musician/performer, and what it took to get his mojo back. He is paraphrased as saying:
his audience was past its prime, and its reflexes were shot.
He meant the audience that had been his home, his support, his electorate since 1961.

If the presidential debates establish anything at all, it's that the fabled sober democratic citizenry of Armerica is having its own reflex, or reflux, issues. Here's how I would score Kerry's palpable-in-any-sane-universe hits against our tinpot Executor of Divine Justice:

Debate #1: Polarity: Intelligence vs. Deep Stupidity.
Proved that charges of error and incompetence, richly demonstrated, can't hold a candle to mad credence.

Debate #2: Polarity: Calm Assurance vs. Petulant Querulousness.
Lent support to the notion that pheromones of inarticulate, bursty buzzwords trigger more couch spud viagra than carefully phrased, clearly set forth positions.

Debate #3: Polarity should be: Safety vs. Danger.
The undecided will turn not on whether Bush was incorrect, but whether he is dangerous. Bush has shown he's hell and leather on witless middle Eastern dictators. Is Kerry genial enough to prick the little man into losing it, if only for a blink, rendering visible the danger Mr. Bush poses to us?


Blogger Blind Tangerine Jones said...

Point to Kerry: "faith without works is dead." Zing! Right below the Bible Belt. Seriously, that was deep, I was hoping he would tumble to the fact that Jesus drove the moneychangers out of the temple. He should hit that note early and often. Opportunity lost: a sharp retort to the "global test" provocation. "Look, you know very well, Mr. President, and the people know exactly what I meant: If you lie to people, they can no longer trust you. That's the test you sorry-ass penny-ante Machiavellians failed: You couldn't even lie convincingly, the way Reagan could."

I thought wrath was warranted, but maybe unflappability was the better tack. And wroth was waxed at certain points. Plus I fell asleep during the Social Security segment. Plumb tuckered.

10/14/2004 7:07 PM  
Blogger Blind Tangerine Jones said...

Oh, and re: Dylan. I love the memoirs, one-clicked it to my cubicle at work to read on my lunch 10 minutes. (My workplace stands on the site of Melville's birthplace, by the way.) Sample: "Roy Orbison sang like a professional criminal."

10/14/2004 7:15 PM  
Blogger Tom Matrullo said...

"I knew Jesus. Jesus was a friend of Roy Orbison's. And, Mr. Pretzeldent, you're no Dylan."

10/16/2004 8:26 AM  

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