Sunday, November 28, 2004

coup de des

In this year of aleatory electoral methods and outcomes, it would not be amiss, I hope, to ask whether this story from Wayne Madsen (which is a follow-up to this story) can be said to be any more incompatible with reality than any other version of events from any other "credible" news source.
This reporter has obtained a copy of a bank check for $29,600,000 that was allegedly sent to cover the cost of the Texas-based vote rigging operation.
Now here's a chance to use those powers of networks and tools whose fabulous potential we're always talking about: Let's all us bloggers get everyone who voted for Kerry to chip in $1 to the "turn an ex-FBI guy for freedom" fund, which I will be happy to set up. With the $56,249,864 thus collected (if Naderites wish to join in, we'd have another $405,623 for a grand total of $56,655,487), we should surely have enough dollahs get at least one of the alleged election riggers to come clean, and have enough left over to make a giant ice cream cone.

Uh oh, Keith Olbermann is taking Madsen's story apart.

How about if everyone who voted for Bush send a dollah to keep those fabulous retired FBI guys in nine irons? (That'll be $59,729,986 - thanks).


Blogger Jon Husband said...

Olbermann does a good job.

11/28/2004 2:17 PM  

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