Friday, November 12, 2004


Sheila Lennon has the story. Nader's in. The press release. Extra Credit: Harvard's Nieman Foundation says the mainstream press should be asking a shitload of questions, instead of tucking its cabeza up its culo. And Lennon offers us a Jon Stewart moment - in part:

Recounting by hand is a traditional safeguard. Now we know there will be some of that, and we will have some evidence -- one way or the other -- about the accuracy of the count for at least a small slice of the vote.

That's not sinister, it's The American Way.

Nader is rumored to have had some gracious help with expenses...


Blogger Jon Husband said...

Here in canada at election time we raise our hands in whatever room we happen to be in and kinda count generally .... if it looks like it's more-or-less 50/50, we postpone everything until after hockey season is over, and then do it over, except that instead of raining hands, everyone has to choose a hockey jersey to wear. Then, they count up the different colours and cities.

If there is a preponderance of red jerseys, from teams in Canadian cities, the Liberals win ... if it's less than a majority, then we have a minority governmenet. All jerseys from teams in American cities, whatever colour, are automatically counted for the Conservatives.

Given that hockey is the preferred distraction Canada-wide (and now that the season stretches into June, is emblematic of the fact that we live in winter year-round) and is also the primary means for Candians to display their patriotism, using the American cities' teams as a proxy vote for the Conservatives ensures that we will always have at least a minority Liberal government.

And the times when minority governments are sitting are the times when the best, most constructive progress is made in this society.

Clever, aren't we Canucks ?

11/13/2004 12:54 PM  
Blogger Tom Matrullo said...

And the entire process, after all is said and done, is recognized as a matter of purblind chance:

11/13/2004 9:57 PM  
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