Saturday, December 03, 2005

coup de foie gras with power lamb chop

"It's tough to follow the history of Lincoln Group, a contractor that won a $100 million contract with the Special Operations Command to assist with psychological operations. The common denominator to the firm's history is Christian Bailey, listed on its Web site as executive vice president, capital markets. After graduating from Oxford University in England in the 1990s..." CorpWatch

Image from The Lincoln Group. For another, look here. See:
The U.S. Military and the Age of 'Perception Management'

From The Rendon Group's (TRG) Home Page: "TRG helps clients prepare for potential crises and respond when they occur."

Readers of Rolling Stone should know that Mr. Rendon was an invited guest to Mr. Bamford's elite Washington club described in the story and that Mr. Bamford ordered the French wine and lamb chops. Mr. Rendon had seafood. The Rendon Group.

"We lost control of the context," Rendon warned. "That has to be fixed for the next war." James Rendon
These guys - the Lincolneers, the Mouseketeers, the Rendoneers - think they're playing The Great Game: bastard scions of Ben Jowett, translator of Plato, consigliere to the new Republic of white dominion. The Oxbridge-Harvard-Yale Axis of Evil Elvises.


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