Friday, May 05, 2006

more deeply interfused

Vargas seems unfazed by her job, even though it involves being subjected to constant electronic scrutiny. Software tracks her productivity and speed, and every so often a red box pops up on her screen to test whether she is paying attention. She is expected to click on it within 1.75 seconds. In the break room, a computer screen lets employees know just how many minutes have elapsed since they left their workstations. "Sci-Tech Today"
Why not put a hotplate under Vargas and slice a few portions of her ass every time she falls behind on a Big Mac order? Vargas McNuggets.

But see its blogged context. He's right, by the way. We haven't begun to figure out how to track the dense web of what is happening, let alone the interconnectedness of it, let alone the ramifications of the interconnectedness and filiated repercussions ad saecula saeculorum. In a true sense we don't know what is going on, nor how to report it, nor how to interpret what we are failing to report. Multimedia news organizations are merely offering bunkum in sound and pixels. They have not learned to track a single thing.


Blogger Jon Husband said...

but, but ... isn't the important question "Are we having fun yet?"

The tv shows and newspapers seem to suggest we are.

5/06/2006 12:55 PM  
Anonymous Felix del Campo said...

We fret about these assaults on our humanity, then we rail at the passive-aggressive drugstore megachain clerks who drag their feet at the checkout counter. What's it gonna be?

5/08/2006 11:19 AM  
Anonymous Candidia Cruikshanks said...


Matrullo is a loser looking for someone to blame for his own crappy life other than himself. Whatever happens it is always my fault. Never his. Candidia this and Candidia that. Face facts: The market rules. And I am the goddess of the Free Market. Get used to it, little boys.

5/08/2006 5:51 PM  
Blogger Chuck Pinatubo said...

I sometimes come here, this ring of blogs and the bloggers who maintain them, looking for a way to popularize and make accessible an editorial function, both descriptive and prescriptive. The anarchist and discordian rings address that often. Heretics and defrocked philosophers do too. Thivai Abhor aspires to a polylogic discourse.

Most of the people I know who work on something like this are dyscontented and many give up.

5/09/2006 1:34 AM  
Anonymous tom said...

O Goddess, alt'ingegno, tell, alta sapienza, where is the invisible hand? Is it up your nose? Or under your bodice? I who have nothing, microwave dinners sometimes behind dumpster, where is the invisible foot? Up my ass, I ween. I do not know Free Market. How you can be free and we be free.

Everywhere where you are, everywhere where you go, everybody wants to do their power show. Go to the Immigration Office, they will intimidate you, they will make you waste your time. Already at the reception, the employee arranges his office and fixes his hair before realising that you are there. If you don't speak quickly, he will go to the toilet. When finally you tell him the purpose of your visit, it's at that time he will begin his power show. You will hear him say with a dry tone of voice : "You won't travel today".

Goddess, I feel the inaudible hand and the intangible foot, they burn tongue and squander ear. Teach us your worship protocol that we may cakewalk oleaginous and proud to your shrine.

Go to any other office, it's similar. Under the pretext that there is no currency, they make you wait for hours. But there is not only in the offices that occurs. It is not rare to see the taxi driver addressing a peasant by expelling him of his vehicle : "poor guy, tramp, he hasn't even washed this morning". In general manner , the intimidation occurs as follows : "You don't know me. I am general, I am an officer of the police station, I am the Secretary of government Office, I am… "You poor peasant, you will suffer martyrdom.

5/09/2006 8:49 PM  

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