Tuesday, October 24, 2006

snake eyes

Apparently the Gubernatorial challenge for the chad-averse Die-bold crowd here in Florida is to detect which of two absolutely indistinguishable white guys, whose views of what is important appeal to the lowest, most self-serving instincts of a venal, ignorant and unconscionably uninformed electorate that cares about property tax, insurance premiums, bad Cubans, evil Mexicans, Terri Shiavo, intangible tax, Florida being a shining state (behind strong borders) upon a mountaintop [sic], comparative standing in high school statistics (Florida under Mr. Bush stands at 49th for lousy SAT scores and drop-out rates), boyscout rhetoric and nothing else.

{Low point: Crist humorlessly asked Davis if he was going to apologize to Florida Cubans and Jews for having gone to Cuba on one occasion and for having met Arafat on another. Davis proved he was simply Crist spelled otherly by humorlessly troubling to defend such behavior.}


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