Monday, October 02, 2006

In view of the size of your endowment...

Summary: Despite reports on a New York Daily News weblog and in the Los Angeles Times, no other media outlets have reported that the National Republican Congressional Committee accepted a $100,000 donation from Rep. Mark Foley last summer after NRCC chairman Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds reportedly learned of Foley's inappropriate conduct. The media have further ignored the NRCC's continued solicitation of funds from Foley's campaign war chest, as reported in The New York Times. Media Matters

What happens to Foley's pile of dollahs now?

{later] This points to the astonishing answer to the question above.

[even later] Why are the upholders of strict law-n-order, the rigorous enforcers of "sexual morality," precisely the very people engaged in the activity that they've promised an eager populace to police? a sane voice.


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