Wednesday, September 20, 2006

shirts on a plane

Amy Goodman and her brother David Goodman stopped in Florida during their 80-city tour. I passed up PhoneCon in order to hear their talk. It is not insignificant that they are packing houses even in sanity-challenged places such as the penile state.

I'm still thinking about the Goodmans. Their extraordinary energy, graceful presence, and witty use of anecdote to build emotional arcs of fact. They view nearly all USian media as government propaganda, past and present, leaving a sort of vanishing point upon which they stand, from which they critique. They use news stories as weapons to explode news stories. And do it every day, in an effort to help us avoid mistaking "the illusion of news" for reality, as David put it.

If a certain country had any balls, 299,787,667 people would wear the shirt

to work, at home, on the radio, on flickr, in Germany, on planes, on TV, wherever fine values are sold.


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