Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Five seconds out of hell

Christoper Locke/RB transferred David Weinberger's geekly blog tag to hell, where I gather he found me:

1. Three cities that spoke to me: New York, Naples (the real one), Los Angeles.

2. The Jesuits: "Give us a boy until he's 7, and he's ours for life." I was 13 when they got me.

3. Formative live musical moments: Blues Project at the Cafe au go go; Hendrix at Hunter; Joe Iadone anywhere. Good samples here include Ignacio es tan bella and Guillaume Dufay - Works

4. In November, I was asked by Neilson to participate in a television-watching survey, recording all shows watched during one week, which included election night. Duly returned completed form: Zero. Zilch. Nada.

5. Have never used, and will never use, the term "arsy-varsy."

Relayed to purgatory: Juke, Tutor &/or Phil Cubeta, bmo, Kia, Inspector Lohmann.


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